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The most widely circulated periodical in Tennessee, reaching more than 548,000 households each month.

For more than 50 years, The Tennessee Magazine has been a source of vital, useful and fun information for our readers throughout Tennessee. Our message is being delivered to more than 1.5 million readers each month.

Our readers are engaged and loyal. They are owners of their local electric cooperatives. The magazine provides them with articles including local electric news, entertaining features and energy-efficiency tips. Additionally, The Tennessee Magazine features stories about life in Tennessee, recipes and food articles, a statewide calendar of events, an antiques column and a look at Tennessee history.  Each year the magazine produces special editions on gardening, travel, education, home improvement and more. The magazine works to build community and interaction with our readers. Thousands of our readers participate in our photo and art competitions and our unique “Find the Flag” contest.

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Eighty-seven percent of our subscribers read more than three of the last four issues and spent an average of 43 minutes reading each one. With more than two readers per issue, The Tennessee Magazine can deliver your message to more than 1.5 million readers who CARE about the magazine and the information it contains.

The Tennessee Magazine is the official publication of the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association and the electric cooperatives of Tennessee. TECA’s 23 individual power distributors provide electric service to some 1.1 million homes, farms, industries and institutions that represent more than 2 million Tennesseans. You can learn more about TECA at tnelectric.org.

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