Monday, May 25

Board Elections, Annual Meeting Coming Up

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The 2020 Southwest Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation annual members meeting is scheduled for Friday, Aug. 14, at the Jackson Fairgrounds Park in Jackson.

As always, members will receive their invitations for the annual meeting in combination with the ballots for the board of directors elections. Three positions will be up for election this year.

Here is a summary of the process in a question-and-answer format:

How does a member run for the board of directors?

A member of the cooperative can run for an open position on the board of directors if they live in the district of a position that is open, obtain 15 member signatures on the official petition, and complete the petition packet (mentioned below).

What positions are up for election in 2020, and who are the incumbents?

District 1, Position 4 — Tim Hanks

District 2, Position 1 — Hugh Harvey Sr. (not running for re-election)

District 2, Position 2 — Allen King

When will petitions be available?

After noon on Monday, May 11

Where will petitions be available?

At all five district offices

What is required for a complete petition package?

Include a petition with 15 separate member signatures, a three- or four-sentence biography and a digital photograph.

Where and when are petitions due?

To any of our five district offices by noon on Friday, May 22

When will ballots be mailed?

By Friday, July 10

How do I submit my ballot?

By U.S. Mail

When are ballots due?

By Tuesday, Aug. 11

When is the annual meeting?

Scheduled for Friday, Aug. 14 Registration starts at 5 p.m.

Where is the annual meeting?

Jackson Fairgrounds Park, Jackson


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