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Don’t Sweat Home Energy Efficiency; Let MTE Help You Get Started Saving

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June is a great month to ramp up your energy-efficiency efforts as we face hot, humid summer temperatures. Your trusted energy adviser, Middle Tennessee Electric (MTE), offers a variety of residential programs and services to reduce electricity use while maintaining or improving year-round comfort.

Although MTE rates remain stable even during summer or winter, that’s when consumers’ electricity consumption peaks, and it can result in unwelcome surprises when bills arrive. Often, members calling with high bill concerns simply do not realize how much electricity they’ve used.

Conserving electricity through energy efficiency can save you money now and in the future. We’re always working to help members reduce their energy consumption. This is the reason we put such emphasis on helping lower power bills by encouraging measures proven to work in homes of all ages and styles.

I’ve been asked why MTE would want members to use less power: “Doesn’t it cut into your profits?” Well, as an electric cooperative, we are a member-owned, not-for-profit utility that doesn’t make profits for stockholders or boards controlled by investors. Rather, we are dedicated to serving our members and the communities where they live. Our business model is all about helping our members, and one of the most fundamental ways we do that is to help members save electricity and money.

MTE has adopted the mantle of “Trusted Energy Adviser,” a responsibility we take seriously. Our reputation is backed up by years of experience and programs that really work. Not only do we employ professional energy services coordinators, but our entire team is dedicated to helping members achieve their energy-efficiency goals.

To accomplish this, we have assembled an extensive energy-efficiency toolbox. It is filled with expert evaluation and consultation, do-it-yourself help and saving tips, proven structural and technological remedies and the eScore program (in partnership with TVA).

It all starts with DSSF (Do the Simple Stuff First). This approach features advice on do-it-yourself home energy audits, simple but cost-effective DIY measures like caulking and insulation, household behaviors that waste electricity and cost money and how to monitor and control consumption using the free app, myMTEMC.

For every dollar invested wisely, energy savings will provide payback in the form of lower electric bills and greater comfort over a period of years. The sooner you start adopting more efficient habits and making upgrades to your home, the faster you’ll see these savings add up.

We will help you along the way with information easily accessed via myMTEMC, online at
and in the pages of The Tennessee Magazine. Energy efficiency assistance is one of our major commitments to help make life better for our members. Trust us to help, whatever your needs might be.

Just give us a call to see how you can get started.


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Middle Tennessee Electric (MTE) is a not-for-profit, local electric cooperative managed through our member-elected board of directors. We serve to make life better for our community by providing affordable, reliable, and safe electricity.

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