Thursday, September 24

Make Bill-Paying Easier with PrePay

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“It makes us happy that members are budgeting for their billing in ways that are convenient and easy for them.”

Janice Kelton is a member data and billing analyst for MTEMC, making sure energy bills are technically accurate and get out to members on time. She is excited about the convenient and empowering bill-paying options now available to members. One of those options is called PrePay, which many members haven’t explored yet. It helps members save money on their monthly bill by reducing energy consumption and limiting the opportunity for late payments.

Janice says, “PrePay is quite simple to explain, and we’re always happy to do so. Serving, educating and offering options to members is something that’s just part of our culture here.”

The first step to enroll in PrePay is contacting Member Services to determine a minimum balance for your account. You can then add money to your account using myMTEMC, calling the Contact Center, using our automated phone system or stopping by one of our local offices. The main benefits are budgeting control, freedom and independence. PrePay is perfect for many members like those who budget their money a week at a time. Janice says, “Many members love the sense of independence PrePay offers and enjoy having access to their daily balance.”

She adds, “PrePay puts members’ minds at ease knowing they are in control of their accounts. It easier for them, too. To me, offering PrePay feels good. It makes us happy that members are budgeting for their billing in ways that are convenient and easy for them. It’s a wonderful program that helps them maintain their billing in a consistent, easy-to-track way.”

Only residential members can switch to PrePay. They can do so at any time. To make life easier for members on PrePay, we encourage them to manage their accounts using our mobile app, myMTEMC. To learn more about how to sign up or determine if you qualify, call us at 877-777-9020, stop by a local office or go to


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