Saturday, October 31

Master Your Energy Use with a Few Simple Swipes

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Middle Tennessee Electric’s most valuable tool for giving members more control over their energy bills is actually free. Not only free, it’s easy to use, too. The myMTEMC mobile app can help you better understand and improve your energy habits, resulting in energy savings.

The myMTEMC mobile app provides members with graphs that show their energy use in an easy-to-read format. These graphs incorporate power use, average temperature, dates, meter readings and billing period. Having access to this real-time data lets you see how household demand corresponds to outdoor temperatures. This can help you identify poor energy habits that result in waste and better plan your use.

Using the myMTEMC mobile app gives you an edge by showing how and when your electricity use occurs — because the first step to better energy habits is by increasing your awareness of consumption.

You can access myMTEMC online at, or download the myMTEMC app from Apple’s App Store or Google Play for energy information on the go.



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