Saturday, October 31

MTE Proud to Help Generate “community Energy”

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Middle Tennessee Electric, your “Trusted Energy Advisor,” helps members understand and manage electricity use while improving energy efficiency and home comfort levels and reducing power bills. We keep your power flowing and rates affordable.

More than these, Team MTE also focuses on community engagement. Let’s call it “community energy,” what brings neighbors together to accomplish goals. It travels through ideas instead of power lines. Generated through relationships and common cause, it is rooted in the desire to see prosperity and improved quality of life.

How does MTE help? We’ve long been involved with economic development and efforts to create and keep good-paying jobs. We fund nonprofits through SharingChange, a member-supported charitable foundation. Through scholarships and school programs, we support education.

MTE creates opportunities for members by providing access to renewable energy programs and expanding the availability of broadband internet. We promote safety with electric safety demonstrations for schools and first responders.

Our employees volunteer in organizations and are involved in community projects. They cook grilled cheese sandwiches for local events in a special MTE trailer.

Finally, hundreds of local folks work at MTE. They help the community energy flow, both on and off the job, by being part of the community.

Your electric cooperative is proud to be part of the Middle Tennessee community, putting our efforts and ideas to work to make this a better place to live.



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Middle Tennessee Electric (MTE) is a not-for-profit, local electric cooperative managed through our member-elected board of directors. We serve to make life better for our community by providing affordable, reliable, and safe electricity.

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