Tuesday, October 19

Mte’s Newest Renewable Option

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Green Switch 100 is the simple solution for greener energy use. For only 1 cent per kilowatt-hour, we’ll match 100 percent of your energy consumption with renewable resources like solar, wind and biogas. For example, if you use 1,248 kilowatt-hours in a month, we will add $12.48 to your bill, and TVA will generate the same number of kilowatt-hours to the grid using renewable resources.

  • TVA procures renewables to match 100 percent of the member’s load.
  • This is a total energy solution.
  • All renewable energy is generated in the Tennessee Valley.
  • This program allows month-to-month participation.
  • Program consists of 70 percent solar, 20 percent wind and 10 percent biogas.

Just sign up and get started. It’s your energy — except now, it’s green. 100 percent clean energy with only 1 percent effort. Find out more about Green Switch 100 at MTEMC.com/GreenSwitch100.


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Middle Tennessee Electric (MTE) is a not-for-profit, local electric cooperative managed through our member-elected board of directors. We serve to make life better for our community by providing affordable, reliable, and safe electricity.

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