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Manager’s Viewpoint

If you were among the members who joined us for the Aug. 26 annual meeting, you heard about initiatives we’re implementing to improe member service. If you weren’t able to join us, I’ll recap what we covered.

The annual meeting gave us a chance to highlight the “myMTEMC” app (for smart devices) and the member portal (which is what members can use at to make payments and review their information). Many members were able to register for the app and portal at the annual meeting, and they have started diving into energy consumption details at levels they’ve never been able to access before — down to hourly readings. We designed the app and portal with the hope that members will use both to better understand their consumption so they can make adjustments to save energy and money. If you haven’t yet registered for your “myMTEMC” account, I encourage you to do so by visiting our website or downloading it from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

At the annual meeting, we also gave members a sneak peek at a couple of new offerings available now but that we won’t be heavily promoting until next year.

Chris Jones
President, Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation

The first is due-date choice. Prior to all of our system upgrades, we heard from many members who wanted flexibility in picking when their bills would be due … something our old system did not give us the flexibility to do. I’m happy to report that members now have a list of due dates from which to pick. That means if you’d like to pay your bill at the start, middle or end of each month, you can now choose a date and work it into your budget. You can select one of 15 different due dates.

Another new option for members is the ability to “prepay” for their electricity consumption. As we heard from our members, it became clear that some wanted the ability to prepay rather than be billed many days after the fact for what they used. Prepay gives participating members another tool in their belt to closely manage how much electricity they’re consuming each day.

As I mentioned earlier, we’ll be promoting these options more heavily at the first of the year, but they are available to you right now. Please call if you have questions or if you’re interested in signing up.

One last thing we addressed relating to the computer system changes was to thank you, our members, for your patience as we made this transition. Changing systems is a big deal, and the employees who serve you worked very hard in implementing and learning the new system. Though we did our best to minimize member inconvenience, some was unavoidable. So, whether that meant a longer hold time for a phone call or requiring you to reregister to enter the payment section of the website, please accept my thanks for your patience and apology for your inconvenience. We undertook these changes to improve member satisfaction, and I have no doubt the changes will take member service to better and higher places.

One last note to touch on from the annual meeting. We had a chance to talk about our potential in entering the high-speed internet (broadband) business. I told members we are not at a point in our examination to make final decisions. As I assured our members then, please know that your cooperative leadership team and board are excited about the possibilities this type of venture holds, and we are looking at it very closely and seriously. As more information becomes available, I’ll make sure to pass it along through The Tennessee Magazine as well as our social media platforms.

I finished the annual meeting as I will here … by thanking you for being a valued member of your electric cooperative and for the opportunity to serve you.

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