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Past, Present and Future: Founded to Make Lives Better, MTE Continues the Tradition

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More than 80 years ago, local farmers and rural residents addressed the need for electricity in the countryside. They didn’t view power as a luxury. Rather, they shared the belief that electrification would change thousands of lives for the better. We honor them as the founders of Middle Tennessee Electric (MTE). The founders succeeded in transforming lives with electric-powered convenience and productivity.

Fast-forward to 2020. As a local, not-for-profit electric cooperative, MTE continues to be motivated by seeking to make life better for those we serve, and that has grown to include and embrace every person living in our territory — rural, urban and everywhere in between.

It’s in our DNA to serve by providing affordable, reliable, safe electricity and outstanding member support. Through the decades, this dedication generated positive changes. MTE evolved. Today, our founders might not recognize the cooperative they birthed in the 1930s, but they would certainly recognize the purpose we fulfill. It’s the same. It’s most fundamentally about making life (or business) better for those we serve.

MTE’s core business remains electricity delivery, but our commitment to make lives better permeates the entire organization. First and foremost is staying connected with you — the member — and listening. Your needs and expectations set our direction.

Folks might wonder why member communication is so important. As consumers and owners, your right is to know how your electric cooperative works and what programs are available to make life and business better.

For example, MTE will be rolling out a new website, making it easier to stay informed about available services and programs. Speaking of which, members told us they wanted more convenient options to help them manage electricity use and their budgets. Our response was to introduce programs like budget billing, prepay, pick-a-due-date, payment extensions and more.

The free myMTEMC app allows access to resources that help members report power outages, monitor electricity consumption, reduce electric bills and become more comfortable and energy-efficient.

We want to be your “Trusted Energy Advisor,” so MTE employs experienced energy experts to provide advice about efficiency, renewable energy, electric vehicles, battery storage and current in-home technologies. We stay abreast of innovations, products and systems so you don’t have to. You have access to our advisors when you contact us online, in person or over the phone.

We’re also committed to being a community partner. Our partial ownership of United Communications is helping extend broadband (high-speed internet) to unserved and underserved areas. This allows us to support economic development by creating and retaining jobs for our members, which impacts the quality of life for the next generation.

MTE was founded by people who looked toward the future and who simply wanted a better life … noble pursuits for any generation. We humbly follow in their footsteps.


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Middle Tennessee Electric (MTE) is a not-for-profit, local electric cooperative managed through our member-elected board of directors. We serve to make life better for our community by providing affordable, reliable, and safe electricity.

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