Monday, November 11

Plant Trees for Summer Shade That’ll Lower Your Summer Energy Consumption

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As your trusted energy advisor, it is important to us to help provide you with effective ways to lower your energy consumption this summer. In this case, we can assist you in saving while also protecting and improving the environment.

When adding trees to your property, be sure to choose the right trees and place them correctly in order to save energy. The simplest guideline is to plant large shade trees on the east, west and northwest sides of your house. This creates shade in the summer, which can lower air conditioning costs by as much as 35 percent. In the winter, after the leaves fall, sunlight warms your home (at no cost). Finally, you might consider planting vegetation near your air conditioning unit to provide shade to keep it cooler so it runs more efficiently.

If you have a question about planting trees or vegetation near or under our power lines, reach out to one of the certified arborists on our Vegetation Management team. Our Vegetation Management team has been accredited by TreeLine USA for the past two years.


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