Sunday, September 19

Warm Up to Energy Savings

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Spring and summer are the ideal times to warm up to some savings on your electricity bills. Take a look at these easy-to-use tips from one of our energy services coordinators, Lynn Borum, and start saving right now.

Q. What is the best way for members to save energy as temperatures warm up?

A. Turning up the temperature on the thermostat is a big energy saver. For every degree you raise the temperature, you’ll be saving 3 to 5 percent on your cooling costs.

Q. How does raising the thermostat save the most energy?

A. The air conditioner is usually the home’s biggest user of power in summer; if it is running less, this will save the most. The larger the temperature difference between the inside thermostat setting and outdoor temperature, the more the HVAC has to work to overcome the difference. This is why setting the thermostat a few degrees higher helps.

Q. Should members invest in expensive air filters, or do cheap ones work well?

A. You should be checking and changing the air filters regularly, generally every two or three months. The filter designed for the air conditioning system should be efficient enough, but there could be other things to consider such as dust and allergen control. There are many brands of filters on the market. From an energy-efficiency standpoint, regular filter replacement can do the most good.

Q. What other areas of the HVAC should members be focused on to improve efficiency?

A. You can also make sure grass clippings and weeds are not interfering with the air conditioner’s coils outside. I strongly recommend air conditioning and heater unit tune-ups with an HVAC professional.

Q. When should members tune up their HVAC system, and is it really worth the cost to have a professional to do it?

A. It is best if they are checked twice a year. The fall and spring are good times to do preventive maintenance. Yes, you should always work with a trained professional to prevent efficiency mistakes or safety issues.

Q. Why does MTE focus on helping members use less electricity?

A. Building great energy habits and improving home efficiency help our members live a better life. As a not-for-profit cooperative, we provide a service to our members that helps them save money and spend it on other things they want.

These are a few ideas that should save you some money on your summer electricity bills. For some more tips, head to


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