Tuesday, October 19

What to Do about an Above-Average Energy Bill

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“Members can use our myMTEMC app to monitor daily use or our Power Usage Alert, which notifies members when their daily use is above a designated threshold.”

Member Services Manager

As a not-for-profit electric cooperative, we serve to make the lives of our members better. In the Member Services Department, we strive to make sure we’re doing everything we can to support our members — like helping you lower your electric bills by providing ways to improve energy habits. Colder months may result in increased energy use, but we are here to offer tips on what to do if you receive an above-average bill. To learn more, we asked Member Services Manager Trina Martin to answer a few questions about how members should handle high-bill season.

1. What causes bills to be higher in the winter months?

Cold outside temperatures are the most common cause. As temperatures drop, the HVAC units have to work harder to maintain the temperature set to keep your house warm.

2. Are there other causes besides the weather that could cause a high bill?

There could be a malfunction with your HVAC system or water heater. Seasonal tune-ups are recommended for your HVAC system. Due to the pandemic, you may experience increased energy use from working remotely versus working outside the home.

3. What should members do when they receive a bill that is higher than normal?

Check to make sure your HVAC system and water heater are working properly. As your trusted energy partner, we’re happy to assist in reviewing your bill to help find the reasons electric use may have increased. We have member support and energy advisors on standby, so please call us!

4. How does MTE help members with high bill concerns?

Members can use our myMTEMC app to monitor daily use, or our Power Usage Alert, which notifies members when their daily use is above a designated threshold. The MTE Home Energy Self-Checkup can also help you find ways to reduce your energy consumption; just visit
. And, as always, our member support and energy advisors are ready to assist.

5. What options does MTE offer to help members pay for and manage their bills?

We try to provide as many options as possible — such as payment arrangements, installments and providing help-agency numbers — to accommodate our members. We also provide options like prepay and fixed or variable budget billing. These options were designed to help reduce the impact of electric bills on our members’ monthly finances. Members can sign up for these options at any time. We are here to help you determine which option best fits your lifestyle.




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