Wednesday, September 23

To Diy or Not to Diy

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With the popularity of remodeling television shows and blogs, a do-it-yourself project might sound appealing. But how can a homeowner be sure that taking on a DIY kitchen remodel is a good idea? The National Association of the Remodeling Industry offers several questions to consider before starting a project:

  1. Does the homeowner have the expertise needed for the project?
  2. What about tools? Does the homeowner own the needed equipment, or will tools need to rented or purchased?
  3. Does the homeowner have the time needed to start the project and carry it through to completion?
  4. Will the homeowner require another person’s assistance? If so, does that person have the availability to help?
  5. Are there any safety risks involved in this project?
  6. Does the project require knowledge of local building codes?
  7. Where will the materials needed for the project come from?
  8. Is the project an attempt to save money? If so, will the homeowner’s time investment outweigh the potential cost for a professional to complete the project?

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