Saturday, May 8

Letters to the Editor

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Thank you!

My husband and I would like to commend the outstanding job your guys did in our neighborhood recently. On Saturday night, May 27, at about 9:30, we were watching TV.

All of a sudden, the power went out in our entire neighborhood. There was a terrible storm going on that night. I called the automated number for Pickwick Electric to report the outage. In about 30 minutes, your crew was here, taking care of the problem. On the other side of the lake, a tree had come up out of the ground and knocked down some power lines.

We saw and heard workers with chainsaws cutting the tree out of the way. The storm was still raging on with horrible thunder, lightning, high winds and torrential rain. It was really a very dangerous situation. Because of the work of this crew, we had power back within about 1½ hours from the time we first lost it.

I know a lot of people would say, “They were just doing their job,” and that is true; however, we got to see firsthand the really dangerous situations these guys work in 24/7 to get power back on, no matter what, and we feel they deserve a real pat on the back. We just want you and your crew to know how very much appreciated they are.

Kathy and Ronnie Stidham Pickwick EC

Tennessee history

Thank you so much for publishing Tennessee History for Kids by Bill Carey. This “kid” is 79 years old and amazed by the information Carey digs out and the memorable presentation.

Carolyn Smotherman
Middle Tennessee EMC


Your June issue of The Tennessee Magazine contains some incorrect information in the article about World War I’s impact on Tennessee.

The Tennessee Association of Manufacturers did appear before the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry on April 23, 1924, to express its opinion on the Henry Ford proposal to buy the Wilson Dam. However, your article states that the association supported Ford’s proposal. In fact, their testimony was given in opposition to the proposal.

Captain B.H. Wilkins, who chaired the association’s Muscle Shoals Committee, stated this in his testimony: “I am one of those who believe the acceptance of the Ford offer as filed would be a very, very serious mistake.” He is quoting from an article he wrote for TMA’s membership to consider. The Executive Committee and the board of governors of the association adopted his views after the membership agreed with his opinion.

We have maintained copies of the testimony if anyone there would like to see it. We are not asking for a correction but just trying to set the record straight. Thanks.

Bob Gaskill

Editor’s note: Bill Carey further researched his article based on your information and found that you are, indeed, correct. We apologize for the error and thank you for your email.


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