Saturday, May 8

Letters to the Editor

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Thanks, again, for sending the 25 copies of The Tennessee Magazine with your article “Eclipsed.” My students enjoyed doing a reading carousel activity that followed a teacher readaloud. We also went to the Dyer Observatory’s website, which was an excellent source about the solar eclipse.

What a wonderful reading and learning experience!

Annette Greer, Mountain City Elementary, Mountain EC

Tree trimming

We love Middle Tennessee Electric, and the tree-trimmer men you sent to trim trees were really nice and let us know when they were coming. It is good you hire competent people who do a good job.
Mary Kaplan, Middle Tennessee EMC

Editor’s note: Thank you for letting us know the job was done well. Tree-trimming can often cause angst for members, but it is a very necessary part of maintaining a safe and reliable electric system.

Lost subscriptions

I would love to begin receiving this magazine again! I used to receive it when I lived in West Tennessee and re-ally enjoyed it. I have been a member of Duck River Electric Membership Corporation since 2011. Let me know how to subscribe, please.

Diane Houghtaling, Duck River EMC

How do you get on the mailing list for The Tennessee Magazine? Thank you!

Beverly Wallace, Cumberland EMC

Editor’s note: Members of Tennessee electric cooperatives that participate in the magazine should automatically receive copies as often as your co-op publishes editions. Please contact your local electric cooperative office to get on the list.

If you are not a member of an electric co-op, you can subscribe to the magazine by completing the form in the right-hand column of this page.

Roan Mountain and the Kruger Brothers

Thank you so much for covering this fine musical project honoring the 50th anniversary of efforts to preserve the Roan. It’s an excellent article. I’m sending a few copies of the CD to your office for the staff to enjoy.
Claire Ratliff, Laughing Penguin Publicity, Nashville

Event listings

If I submit an event to the events page on your website, will that event show up in the print version? Or do I have to send it through someone else?

Jana Barrett, Sequachee Valley EC

Editor’s note: Because our event listings are free, we can’t guarantee they will appear in the magazine. We do our best to print them all, but there just isn’t enough space. We do try to select events of statewide interest. All of the events submitted do appear on our website. See the complete listing at

Point of View

Kudos to Robin Conover — a great photographer who brings the outdoors that I, too, love into my living room. The Tennessee Magazine is top-notch, and I always take in the last page first.

Gwen Willis


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