Wednesday, October 20

Letters to the Editor

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First Issue

I am trying to find out when The Tennessee Magazine was first published.

— Nancy Jones, Pickwick EC

Editor’s response: The first issue of The Tennessee Magazine was in September 1958. It ran as a tabloid for four months before changing to a magazine format with the January 1959 issue.

WWII German POW camp

I am writing to you concerning an article written by Mr. Carey, one of your contributing authors. He had written a great article about a World War II German POW camp at Crossville. I came across it after learning my grandfather, Erwin William Manning, who lived in Nashville, guarded German POWs during the war. I had three photos of groups of guards in the family history photos. I had no clue we even had German POWs here. It was a mystery solved. I would like to share the photos for historical purposes and possibly confirm which POW facility it was — Crossville or maybe another.

— Mark Manning

A former hospital building at the Crossville POW camp remains at the Clyde York 4-H Center.

Editor’s response: This feature by Bill Carey has garnered perhaps the most requests for more information. The prisoner-of-war camps in Tennessee during World War II were Camp Forrest near Tullahoma, Camp Campbell near Clarksville, Camp Tyson in Henry County and Camp Crossville in Cumberland County.

Please email us the photographs. We would love to see them.

You can find the complete article here.

Rained out

I just received my November issue of The Tennessee Magazine today, and, unfortunately, the postal carrier let it get soaking wet, making it impossible to read. So I was wondering if there was any way you could send me a replacement copy of it. Thanks!


— Gabriel M. Smithson, Holston EC

Editor’s response: We’re so sorry for the inconvenience. We will be glad to send you a new magazine.


We moved and no longer get your magazine. We would like to start receiving it again. If there will be a charge, please let me know.

— Jeff Dewitt, Atoka

Can you receive this magazine through the mail?

— Kathy

Editor’s response: Absolutely. The Tennessee Magazine is available to members of Tennessee’s electric cooperatives as part of the membership fee. If you are a member, check with your local office about a subscription. If you are not a member of an electric cooperative, you can purchase individual or gift subscriptions. The cost is $15 for one year or $30 for three years. Please see the form on page 35 or check our website and choose a subscription at


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