Thursday, June 17

Letters to the Editor

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Gather Coffee Lounge

Hello Robin,

I enjoyed the article in the February issue on the Gather Coffee Lounge in Oneida. It is nice to see a business start up in these trying times and make a success of it. However, I did have one big concern. I noticed in one of the photos that maybe two people were wearing masks in the crowded café. It is so important and probably the most effective deterrent to the spread of COVID-19. I understand it may have been their opening day and masks may have not yet caught on, but I sure hope wearing them is much more popular now than when the photo was taken.

Stay healthy.

— J.K. McNeil, Middle Tennessee Electric

Dear Mr. Kirk,

I thoroughly enjoy reading The Tennessee Magazine each month, and I have learned much from it. I must make a comment about the article highlighting the Gather Coffee Lounge in your February 2021 issue. It sounds like a wonderful place, and it was very brave of the owners to start a new business during the pandemic. However, the accompanying photograph on page 10 was irresponsible. It shows patrons in line, not socially distanced nor wearing masks except for one or two. I found it strange that you would publish this image during the pandemic when so many Tennesseans are ambivalent about protecting themselves and others.

— Janet Brown

Editor’s response:

We reached out to the owners of Gather Coffee Lounge for clarification and found that while they don’t require masks to enter their business, they have taken many steps to minimize risk by sanitizing common surfaces every two hours, instituting distancing between employees and customers, and reducing contact times. Seating is also in a pod style so people in the same group can sit together if they wish. Gather also encourages use of the drive-through to further minimize contact.

As staff of the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association, we recommend following all CDC guidelines to help keep yourself and each other safe during the pandemic.

Found the Flag

Hello there,

I am always looking for the Tennessee flag somewhere in Texas. This week I was volunteering at our local food center (Denton Community Food Center), and a fellow volunteer came to work wearing a hat with the Tennessee flag and a flag pin on it! I had to take a picture and send to you! I really enjoy the magazine every month.

By the way: The Tennessean in the hat is Kelly Peachtree, originally from Nashville.

— Cynthia Venables, Mountain EC

Editor’s response:

Nice job spotting that one. I must admit, I find myself always noticing the flag icon when I see it out and about as well. For readers looking for the March flag, Mr. Peachtree’s photograph is not it.

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