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Letters to the Editor – July 2019

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Mother’s Day Responses

I am writing to compliment you on your excellent May 2019 article entitled “Treat Mom to a chore-free day.” I am a woman, wife and mother who is very confident and secure in her “gender norm” and was delighted in this well written and meaningful article for Mother’s Day.

I think you also need to hear from a reader who agrees with you in that we all have “chores” at home. Yes, the inside chores were traditionally Mom’s, and the outside or heavier chores usually fell to Dad, but I have enjoyed washing the car, mowing, bush-hogging (yes, bush-hogging) and other outside chores while my husband is very talented in cooking, vacuuming, washing clothes, etc. They are all chores, and someone has to do them.

I actually take great pride in keeping my home clean and doing “chores.” It’s not a duty; it’s a pleasure done out of love for my family. And, in turn, I love that my family honors me on Mother’s Day and every other day of the year! Do I enjoy getting pampered and taking a “break” on Mother’s Day? You bet I do!

Thanks again for the great article and the reminder to give Mom some extra pampering on her special day!
— Beverly Caldwell, Meriwether Lewis EC

I just wanted to say how thankful I am for your intelligent, professional, and unapologetic response. Where so many companies seem to cater to the most ridiculous charges by apologizing, you stood your ground on an absolutely charming article that obviously meant nothing but “be good to your mom.”

I appreciate the magazine showing basic common sense and courtesy. My wife very much appreciated your response as well.
— Timothy Spain, Gibson EMC

Renovation Inspiration

This is a response to the article in the May 2019 issue: “A practical guide to kitchen renovation.”

My wife and I have been talking about a kitchen renovation since we moved into our house two years ago. The article opened our eyes about the whole concept of renovation as far as what, how much, when and who would do it.

After reading the article, talking about it and contacting a contractor, we have decided to go ahead with the renovation early this fall. We are doing the demo and the finishes, and our contractor will take care of everything in between.

Such an eye-opening story, and we hope there will be plenty more articles like it. We just love this magazine. Thank you.
— Gerard Hansen, Cumberland EMC

Shutterbug Eligibility

I have entered the photo contest not realizing that the city of Cookeville is not in a cooperative. Am I allowed to enter the contest?
— Bettye Austin, Cookville

Editor’s note:

Our Shutterbug Photography Contest is open to all readers of The Tennessee Magazine, not just electric cooperative members.


How do I subscribe to your excellent publication?
— Bonnie M. Brown, Soddy Daisy

If The Tennessee Magazine is a monthly publication, why do I receive an issue only on a quarterly basis? I am a member of the Appalachian Electric Cooperative. Could it be that it is per their directive? I value my magazine issues and save them for many years. It is a great publication.
— James Long, Appalachian EC

Editor’s note:
The Tennessee Magazine is available to people who are not members of electric cooperatives. And, yes, Appalachian Electric Cooperative chooses to run quarterly, but you can order a full subscription. The cost is $15 for one year or $30 for three years. Please check our website and choose a subscription at tnmagazine.org/shop.

Flag Too Hard to See

Did April Fool’s extend into June’s issue? No one in our neighborhood can find a flag. This is a first for us.
— Charlotte Williams, Soddy Daisy

I found the flag with the help of a friend. Why would you put it on there so dark, too hard to find for older people?
— Tonya, from our Facebook page

Designer’s Response

As the designer of The Tennessee Magazine, I hide the flag each month. I’m an avid reader in my 50s, so I understand your concern. I have a dozen pairs of reading glasses scattered around the house as “fine print” keeps getting “finer.”

I try to hide the flag for all ages and all sets of eyes, making it easier some months and harder in others because — believe it or not — I get even more complaints when the flag is tooeasy to find. So I will continue to serve everyone the best I can, but I’m sure I’ll miss a few of you along the way. (P.S. I had a lot of fun with this month’s. Good luck!)

— Ron Bell, The Tennessee Magazine


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