Wednesday, April 8

Poet’s Playground – July winners

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Age 8 and younger

First Place
Essie Mae Shehane, Middle Tennessee EMC

Tinkling sounds of sweet mockingbirds.
Elaborate Iris a purple pretty.
Napping possum in a tree.
Nice raccoons roaming free.
Excellent eggs and agriculture.
Sweet honeybees fill my garden.
Swarms of butterflies on my tulip poplar.
Everything is great about my state.

Age 9–13

First Place
Earth Day
Riley J., Southwest Tennessee EMC

A-ppreciate the earth
R-ecycle and reuse
T-each other Tennessee people to recycle
H-appy Day
D-ispose trash correctly
A-pril 22nd
Y-ou can help the earth

Age 14–18

First Place
The Singing Sky
Hannah Troxell, Meriwether Lewis EC

When the sky sings the blues
you can hear the notes
whispering through the wind
The trees clap to the beat
and stamp their feet
hoping it will never end
If the song was good and bright
you can still hear it at night
whispering in the wind
So close your eyes
and listen to the tune
hummed from the moon.

Age 23–64

First Place
Heart of a Child
Wendi Morrison, Sequachee Valley EC

We were little kids, both of us,
Hearts of gold seeing only the sun.
Growing up gave us a few cuts,
That we were young enough then to outrun.
I’ve grown up now, but I can still see,
The wonder of a child in your eyes.
Your heart still kind like mine used to be,
You didn’t grow up cold from all of the lies.
Time has a way of breaking stars down,
As the intricacies of adulthood unfurled.
Yet you remain vibrant as I turned to brown,
Please always keep your wonder for the world.

Age 65 and older

First Place
The Winds of My Memories
Sandy Buchanan, Fort Loudoun EC

I’ve taken the dog tags off
and replaced them with a golden cross
To close the door of the past
But the winds of my memories release the latch
In flows this quiet battle I fight within myself
Those images I have so long felt
Bravery, courage, fear and sweat
Each night as I navigate my dreams
With my tears, I wash them clean
I gave those dreams wings, that they may fly away
Only to realize, they are here to stay
This wall I have built, The shelter I seek
Each day is risen, until it reaches peace
It’s so high and above,
The ladder I use is called love


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