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Poet’s Playground – March 2020 winners

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Age 8 and younger

First Place
The Danger Inside the Wonder
Cayleigh Elyse DiCello, Southwest Tennessee EMC

Rushing waters and tidal waves,
Blood thirsty sharks and majestic
Divers find mystic treasure in
underwater caves,
But beware if you see the sea
monster’s tails.
But many fish have found the ocean
peaceful and there they lay their grave,
Ships that roam the sea have yet to
return after the ocean tears their sails.
The ocean is magical, mystical, and
dangerous, so beware,
What great mysteries the ocean has
that are so rare.
Tidal Waves, crashing ships, and
peace for those gone,
The ocean is a dangerous wonder
that God has drawn.

Age 9–13

First Place
The Little Plant
Megan DiCello, Southwest Tennessee EMC

Frost lay across the ground
like a carpet of cold,
The plants lay fast asleep
and to dreams they cannot hold.
But one little plant is brave,
and shakes off its blanket of frost,
And resolved to reach his dream,
no matter what the cost.
He raised his head to catch the
sunbeams, and straightened his stem
up tall,
And one by one he opened his petals,
and they were beautiful one and all.
He smiled brightly and to this he did
“I will do the things of which I dream
and my problems I will solve.”

Age 14–18

First Place
The Turning
Cheyenne Lackey, Cumberland EMC

Flowers turn to crystalized figments
of my imagination
And I am bathed in the pale yellow sun
Asking me to come back home
And I morph with the trees into a wisp
Of air
Crushing myself as the leaves do
under the people
Of the city’s boots
I turn to dust under the eyes of critics
I turn to the eyes of the children
Of the street
They hear the blues
And it matches their skin
An opera of people
Who turn a blind eye
To the songs of children
And those who lay their ear to
the sidewalk

Age 19–22

First Place
Melting Mist
Cordelia Moss, Gibson EMC

The dry grass withers, wildflowers fade,
The trees drop leaves and shed their
Shattered in sand the castles I made,
Hopes and dreams in dust are laid.
A season comes, a season goes.
And all I’ve known draws to its close.
I hear creation groan and sigh.
I listen, and I wonder why—
Why all is mist beneath the sky,
Why seeds must fall to earth and die.
This my hope when all flies past:
I’m held by Him whose love will last.
Long after I have lived and died,
Within His love I shall abide.

Age 23–64

First Place
Thanksgiving in Tennessee
Marc Wood, Middle Tennessee EMC

Take a look around
Happiness in the air
Abundance on display
Neighbors and families share
Kids and adults alike
Shuffling schedules and plans
Giving God thanks for blessings
In our lives once again
Volunteer is our claim
Inspiring a helping hand
November, what a season
Giving to our fellow man
I am grateful again today
Numerous blessing I’ve received
Too many to proclaim
Even more than I need
Now I have a chance
Nestled inside my wit
Encouraging us to help others
Sharing a wee little bit
Share this poem with others
Each of us are sisters and brothers

Age 65 and older

First Place
The Old Organ
Sandra Fortune, Mountain EC

Long ago, as the worn organ pedals were
air rushed to the bellows
A light and gentle touch on the keyboard
caused steady, flowing sound from the
old instrument
All ages hurried into the parlor at the
first sounds of reverberating music
Each one joined their voices,
young and old to sing
a rousing rendition of “O, Suzanna”
After singing a collection of the well-known
tunes of the era, the music
quickly changed to the songs
of faith, praise and celebration
From “Amazing Grace” to
“Love Lifted me”
The jubilant sounds
through the rafters


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