Thursday, June 17

50 Years Ago – November 1970

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For more than 50 years, The Tennessee Magazine has been the official publication of our electric cooperatives, keeping consumer-members informed about their co-ops, showcasing the wonders of electric service and highlighting the special events around the state.

The cover of the November 1970 magazine featured the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Nickajack Lake, described as TVA’s newest lake “adorned in her prettiest fall attire.” Inside, readers found Thanksgiving recipes and learned about electricity’s many conveniences, including those provided by electric water heaters and farm equipment.

While our fashions, appliances and recipes have significantly changed since our first issue in 1958, our mission to entertain, educate and inform our readers has not. Here’s a glimpse of what members saw 50 years ago in The Tennessee Magazine. View the entire November 1970 edition below.









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