Monday, August 3

Celebrate Father’s Day Safely and Locally

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Most dads love power tools, and they’re easy to find and order online; however, this Father’s Day, we encourage you to purchase your dad a gift from a local business.

If you choose to honor the father in your household with the gift of a new tool, here are a few common-sense precautions to take when using electric tools:

  • Read the instructions that come with the tool. Even if you have used similar tools in the past, heed safety warnings.
  • Equip the garage, basement and outdoor outlets with ground-fault circuit interrupters before starting work in those areas. GFCIs can prevent a tool-user from getting shocked or even electrocuted, especially in areas that are prone to dampness.
  • Inspect tools — even new ones — before and after using them. Wear and tear can damage tools. Damaged tools can catch fire or malfunction in a way that can harm the user.
  • Don’t use power tools near gasoline, paint thinner or any other flammable liquids.
  • Clean up work areas so sawdust, shavings and other debris don’t become a fire hazard.

These are just a few tips for the DIY dad in your life! If your father is not a “tool man,” there are many other local businesses that would be thankful for you to patronize their stores and restaurants this month.

What a great time to restart our local economy and our local communities by celebrating some of the most influential people in our lives with local support and local gifts!


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