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Drink Up!

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Keep hydrated for your health

Most people don’t even realize they’re thirsty until they’ve started to dehydrate. And many of them grab for beverages that really won’t satisfy your body’s need for water.

Statistics show that nearly 75 percent of all Americans are dehydrated and that the average human drinks only 1.8 cups of water daily, according to the website

“That’s simply not enough water for your vital organs to function properly,” says Tash Weddle. “Water is not only vital for proper digestion and processing the food you eat, it’s crucial to keep your muscles, kidneys, liver and even your brain working at peak. And research shows that water is much more critical for survival than food.”

Water is the ideal beverage to consume. “Avoid drinks with added sugar or empty calories; fruit juices, which may sound like a good choice, are loaded with sugar,” she says. “Even supposed sports drinks don’t provide the full circle of benefits that plain old water supplies.”

She also says that caffeine is not the culprit most people think. “The issue is what you put in your coffee such as sugar or high-calorie cream or lighteners,” she says. “In fact, black coffee may even boost your metabolism by as much as 3 to 11 percent.”

As for adding more water to your daily intake, Weddle suggests breaking your daily goal into attainable segments.

“Break it down into manageable goals: A glass of water before breakfast, another glass at lunch and another at dinner results in three of the seven each day,” she says. “If you’re already drinking that much water, add another glass between meals or after your daily walk.”

Increasing your water intake will also help remove toxins from your system, aid in digestion and improve your bodily functions.

“Your body will become accustomed to your drinking more water,” she says. “You’ll feel healthier and even more energetic.”


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