Saturday, May 8

Letters to the editor

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Photoshop editing

Just wondering: Did anyone else notice the Photoshop editing on the June 2017 magazine cover? The eagle’s wing is looking a little strange. I’m wondering what kind of bird it came from.

Kelly Cheal,
Appalachian EC

Editor’s note:

We adhere to professional journalism standards and do not use Photoshop to change the content of any image in our publication. I’m assuming it’s the eagle’s left wing you might be questioning. I assure you that’s his wing and those feathers are still attached to Challenger as they were the day he was photographed. I suspect the strong contrasting light on the point of his shoulder is the culprit in making the feathers look so defined that they could have caused the question.

Readers respond

Thank you for this nice publication. I have been reading for more than 30 years. Keep up the good work.

Beauton Matthews


On Mike Knotts’s column, “A good walk, not spoiled” (May 2017):

Well-written analogy. You are correct that behind-the-scenes matter. (Augusta is an amazing, wonderful experience).

Krista Merchant Etter,
Appalachian EC

Cast-iron cooking

I am a Tennessean now living in Arizona. I have been cooking with my Lodge cookware since I learned to cook about 60 years ago. I have my grandmother’s 8-inch skillet that she cooked cornbread in. It is perfect, and I never cook cornbread in anything else. I love that it is so versatile. We camp quite often and cook on the open fire. I just love it.

Dianna Conant

Lodge Contest

I love The Tennessee Magazine. It has a lot of interesting things and is helpful, too! I would love to win the Lodge Manufacturing Cookware Sweepstakes!

Cathy Childress

When is the drawing for the Lodge cookware? There’s no indication in the article or online. Also, will the winners’ names be published?

Bill Dycus

Editors note:

The date of the drawing is Friday, June 30. The date and information were omitted on the entry form in April but included in the May and June magazines. The winners will be listed in the August magazine.

Location, please

What park is that with the two kayaks, the one with the Tennessee flag on the back? Robert Chumney

Editor’s note:

It’s actually not in a park. It’s on the Upper Duck River near Normandy.

Where’s my magazine?

We have been customers since 1995 and have never received a copy of this magazine. I work with several people who are also members who do receive it. Is there something I need to do to get on mailing list? Thank you.

Editor’s note:

Members of Tennessee electric cooperatives that participate in the magazine should automatically receive copies as often as your co-op publishes editions. Please contact your local electric cooperative office to get on the list.


About Author

Robin Conover has spent the last 23 years documenting the people and places of Tennessee with The Tennessee Magazine. After graduating from Murray State University, Robin began working for magazine in October 1988 as a communications specialist and photojournalist. She now serves as TECA vice president of communications and editor of The Tennessee Magazine. Her interest in preserving the environment and Tennessee’s beautiful natural areas has led her down many miles of trails to capture thousands of images. Robin is currently a board member of the Friends of Radnor Lake, a nonprofit in Nashville. Robin’s images can be seen in greeting cards, calendars, books and at a few fine-art shows she participates in each year.

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