Saturday, May 8

Letters to the Editor

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Miss Tennessee Electric

Hi, I just wanted to write and tell you how excited I was when I opened the December issue. I’m honored to be remembered after 50 years as Miss Tennessee Electric. That was such an exciting time in my life. I went to Dallas to the national contest where I was privileged to meet President Lyndon Johnson and made many lifelong friends. Miss Arizona and I are still very good friends today.

I have nothing but gratitude to Middle Tennessee EMC and the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association for all the wonderful and exciting things I got to do. It saddens me that there are no local or state contests anymore. I never knew why they were stopped but sure wish young women could experience what I did. Thank you so much again. It made this 70-year-old woman feel very special.

Sherry Bellenfant Miss Tennessee Electric 1967 Franklin

Accidental delivery leads to subscriber

I received The Tennessee Magazine by mistake in the mail. I read the whole magazine before putting it back in the mailbox.

I enjoyed it, so put me down for a three-year subscription.

Delbert Hudson, Antioch

Whisper Cake baker

Greetings from McNairy County. I enjoy the recipes every month in the magazine, but this month (December 2017) is one of my favorites. I prepared the Apple Raisin Cake on Saturday and have all the ingredients ready to make the Whisper Creek Cake later this week. I was mesmerized by the sipping cream, so I researched it and purchased some at a local liquor store. I had intended to watch Ms. Beckwith demonstrate making the cake, but due to a hectic schedule last week, I missed both series. Thank you for your dedication to this publication. Merry Christmas from a 67-year-old wife, mother and grandmother.

Regina Goff, Pickwick EC


First of all, let me say that I do love The Tennessee Magazine. However, as I picked it up this time, I was anxious to read the Genesco article as I am originally from Fayetteville. Imagine my surprise when Fayetteville or Lincoln County was not even mentioned. I treasure my hometown and was anxious to read about Genesco history and my hometown. Alas, there was no mention of the Genesco in Fayetteville that is still in existence today.

Teresa Kidd, Lafayette

Editor’s note: The January 2018 edition of Tennessee History for Kids was not meant to be a complete and total record of all of Genesco’s assets and properties in Tennessee. For more information about the company, one could try Bill Carey’s 2001 book, “Fortunes, Fiddles and Fried Chicken,” which contains an entire chapter on Genesco’s history.

Magazine issues

I have a bunch of older editions of The Tennessee Magazine and wanted to see if there is any value in them. Can you help me with this?

Katrina Weeks, Greenback

Editor’s note: We have a complete collection of our publications on site, so I’m afraid we don’t need them. I’m not aware of any monetary value that these may have, but here are a few thoughts of who might be interested. Check with your local electric cooperative to see if they would want them. A few other places to check would be the local library, schools or nursing home facilities.

“A fine gentleman”

I just wanted to thank the magazine for running that article on Mr. Bobby Cain (December 2017). What a fine gentleman. I wish we could see more articles like this. Thank you.

Mildred Woods, Murfreesboro

Magazine subscription

I am writing on behalf of my parents, who have not been receiving The Tennessee Magazine for a while and really miss it. I thought receiving the magazine was an automatic benefit of being members of Duck River Electric Membership Corporation. If this is the case, would you please check to see what the issue may be? If this is not the case, would you please advise me so I can arrange for them to receive it? Thank you for your assistance with this.

Beverly Smith

Editor’s note: As members of Duck River EMC, your parents should be receiving the magazine. We will make sure they get back on the list.


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