Saturday, May 8

Letters to the Editor

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Cook up some energy savings

I love reading your magazine and especially like to read about ways to save energy. Your ideas on saving energy cooking the Easter meal were excellent. You missed a couple of things, however. Ovens use the most energy during the heat-up cycle. Keeping the oven on for extra time obviously uses more energy but not as much as you might think. But keep that oven door shut as much as possible. That can be a big heat loss. Also, think about the rest of your house. All of the energy put into the oven eventually ends up in the house as heat. In the wintertime, that is a good thing, but in the summer, it is very bad. You pay twice: once to heat the oven and then again to cool the house. We try to use our oven and cooktop very sparingly during the summer cooling season. We grill outdoors a lot in the summer.

Stephen Smith, Caney Fork EC


I missed the story in the March issue on runaway wives in Tennessee. How do I find it online?

Barry Sowell, Gibson EMC


Are there previous magazines that we can also see online? Last month’s is the first I remember getting.

Thank you.

Robert Midgett, Maryville

Editor’s note: Yes, you can view our archives of complete magazines. All of our content is posted each month — editorials, features and contests plus some extras. Check out


We have not received your magazine in a long time. We miss it!

Carol Givens, Cumberland EMC

I was wondering how I can get your magazine. My electric company is Winchester Utilities.

Bobbie Lucas, Winchester

I haven’t received a copy of the magazine in a long time. Is there a subscription or something now? I really miss all the local news and events.

Steven Dennis, Sequachee Valley EC

How can I get The Tennessee Magazine ? I used to get it monthly, then it stopped coming. I enjoyed the articles and looking for the flag. Please help.


Annette Conaway, Jackson

Editor’s note: The Tennessee Magazine is distributed through the electric cooperatives. The publication schedule varies by co-op as to whether members receive it monthly, bimonthly or quarterly. On occasion, changes in databases either at your co-op or the U.S. Postal Service can result in addresses being accidentally deleted from the magazine list.

If you are a member of an electric cooperative and are not receiving the magazine, please check with your local cooperative office to get back on the list.

If you are not a member of an electric cooperative, you can purchase a subscription. Please see the subscription form on page 39.

New to the magazine

I saw your magazine for the first time today in a doctor’s office, and I enjoyed it very much. Is it sent by subscription? Also, are all of your recipe columns archived? And do you ever use freelance writers?

Thank you!

Richard Daugherty, Dayton

Editor’s note: Please see the previous editor’s notes on this page about our archives and subscriptions. As for freelance materials, you can submit queries via our website at In general, we use staff members to create our content.

Find the Flag

Love your magazine, but, seriously, you have to start making an effort in hiding the flag. I waited a month, finally got the April issue and you just stick the flag on the page … not hidden at all! This issue was no fun! I’m not alone in this matter. My co-workers and I pass this magazine around to see who can find it first. Please make this part of your magazine a little more challenging.

Jackie Williams, Middle Tennessee EMC

Editor’s note: We wrestle with the difficulty of our Find the Flag contest each month, trying to provide challenging contests in addition to flags that are easier to find. Please continue your hunts; there will be some tough ones in coming months.


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