Monday, July 13

Letters to the Editor

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Shutterbug winner

Imagine my shock and surprise to open my September issue of your magazine to discover that a photo I had submitted had been credited to someone else. The photo in question appears on page 12 and is entitled “Bubbles on the Farm.” I submitted the photo along with two others. I took the photo earlier this year at the Secret City Festival in Oak Ridge. I’m not sure if someone found my photo on Facebook and submitted it or if your staff erroneously credited another photographer. In any case, I would like to have that corrected.

Chuck McElhannon

Editor’s note: We apologize for crediting your image to Teri Rich. It was a database error on our part. Congratulations on capturing a great photograph.

‘Disagree without being disagreeable ’

This is a very insightful article. I couldn’t help but think that I have basically been silenced from doing what David says in the last paragraph. People who really don’t know me or what my concerns and motivations are have called me names and labeled me unfairly. I fear that our society is being bullied into submission. Issues aren’t addressed, just criticism of the voice. I’m afraid it’s just easier to keep my point of view to myself. Perhaps we all just need to be more respectful when we disagree!

Claudia Beiden

Editor’s note: Claudia is referencing David Callis’s August column. Here’s his last paragraph:

“This election season, get involved. Discuss, debate and argue your point of view. That is your right — and responsibility — as an American. Your opinion is just as valid as your neighbor’s. But don’t let your disagreement turn into hate. That destructive path didn’t end well for Nixon, and it isn’t good for you or our country.”


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