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Make-It-Mine Touches

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The desire to stamp their own imprint on the space they occupy is important to homeowners. Even if they aren’t taking on grand-scale renovations or an addition but opting instead for a more scaled-down customization, homeowners want their space to reflect their personality.

Incorporating unique features — like a niche for shampoo and other personal grooming products in the bathroom or a recessed area in the foyer for showcasing a special piece of art — can articulate a homeowner’s unique sense of style.

“It might mean a wallsplash fancied up with a mosaic or other interesting design for the kitchen along with receptacles (electrical outlets) installed in the corner or angled receptacles mounted right beneath the cabinet so they don’t interfere with the design,” says Doug King, owner of King Contracting Inc. in St. Petersburg, Florida, and president-elect of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

“Homeowners also want convenience features like lots of dimmer switches and switches in user-friendly spots for audio-visual, internet and Wi-Fi,” adds King, a certified remodeler. “They want to hit just a couple of switches to operate things, including security cameras inside and outside the house.”

What homeowners are rejecting are cookie-cutter lighting fixtures (you know, the ones hanging in all the houses in a development) and one-wattage-fits-all bulbs, preferring the more polished ambience created by recessed ceiling lights on dimmer switches and unique lighting fixtures.

Costs for adding personal flair to a home can run the gamut, depending on the type and quality of materials and the complexity of the project. While there are no individual Joy Scores for these items, experts agree that when homeowners make the space their own, they feel much happier with their home.

“New trends are always coming, but my thoughts are, if it makes you feel good, do it,” says Pam Cothron, owner of Pam Cothron Builder and Developer, who works in primarily Macon, Smith and Trousdale counties in Tennessee.




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