Tuesday, October 19

Turn to Us for Safety and Efficiency Information

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When you need information, let’s face it: There are more sources out there than ever before. Most of us go straight to Google when we’re wondering about something. We check out media reports or ask our neighbors, or there’s always the “phone a friend” option.

While all these are perfectly legitimate choices for most queries, there’s really only one place to go for the most accurate, up-to-date and relevant facts with regard to electrical safety and energy efficiency: Southwest Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation.

We’ve made it our business — for more than 84 years now — to know everything there is to know about these subjects. And we have a couple of distinct advantages over Google (or even your friends and neighbors, for that matter).

Nobody knows our communities like we do. Decades have come and gone since electricity first came to homes and farms around here, yet the co-op remains as a constant — a universal and unifying element in the lives of those we serve. We’ve seen periods of rapid growth, and we’ve provided essential support for our local economy during times of struggle. Hardly any other product or service you can imagine was just as present and important in the lives of your grandparents as it is in your own. We’ve made (and continue to make) a life-changing difference to folks around here.

Our solid track record of meeting member needs places us squarely at the top of the list for information you can count on. We have a unique understanding of the challenges that apply and the opportunities that are available right here in our area. More so than any other source you name, we know what’s what when it comes to staying safe around electricity and maximizing your energy budget through increased efficiency. But that’s not all.

At STEMC, we take it to the next level by offering educational programs, resources and technologies designed to effectively address safety concerns. And after accessing all the very latest information we offer on energy efficiency (co-op employees are pros at making this stuff easy to understand), you can rely on us to provide programs and services that are proven to reduce your energy consumption. With financing options designed to make efficiency improvements affordable, there’s no better place to turn for truly expert advice and assistance.

So when you hear about some new technology that sounds too good to be true or if you’re wondering about steps you can take to trim your electric bill, I urge you to get in touch with your co-op. Not only are we armed with all the facts you need, but we actually care. We go the extra mile to make sure you have the best information with which to make decisions because you matter to us. And that, friends, is definitely not something you can expect from a search engine.


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