Poet’s Playground – December 2017 winners

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Age 8 and younger

First Place
My Granola Bar
Anna Lasher, Middle Tennessee EMC

I chomp on my granola bar,
In my ole Tennessee,
I chomp,
I chomp,
I chomp on my granola bar.

My granola bar is crunchy,
In my ole Tennessee,
It’s crunchy,
It’s crunchy,
My granola bar is so crunchy.

My granola bar is yummy
In my ole Tennessee,
So yummy,
So yummy,
In my ole Tennessee.

My granola bar is gone,
Gone from Tennessee,
It’s gone,
It’s gone,
So long gone vanished from Tennessee.

Age 9-13

First Place
The Cabin
Luke Banard, Gibson EMC

In a frosted field, solitary, half-buried, Was the skeleton frame of a home;
Yet, with it, myriad memories were carried Nestled deep in the wintry loam.

The glazed-over windows once lit up with fire
With light shining through in the spring.
The stone chimney smoke billowing higher,
Once laughter, now echoes ring.

Age 14-18

First Place
Rachel Grant, Middle Tennessee EMC

Filling and leaving my lungs,
Wind that grasps the tallest reaches of the blue skies,
and the lowest depths of the morning sunrise.
Pulling and stretching tuffs of clouds,
over and under,
weaving them together as a blanket. Listening as it roars over vast hills and deep valleys,
causing trees to bow to its might. Hearing gently whisper through soft leaves,
humming its goodnights to the drowsy forest.
Dancing, bending, whistling through the trees.
Kissing the surface of creaks and winding bends,
cooling the rivers, and moving the waters.
And I know I am home.

Age 19-22

First Place
A Miracle
Cricket Sands, Middle Tennessee EMC

Doctors cheered “It’s a girl!”
We welcome a new miracle to our world.
She looked to her father and cried, her eyes resembling the blue skies.
Her body covered with freckles that were like stars in space.
Nurses handed her to the mother, bringing a smile to her face.
The mother kissed the baby on her forehead.
“My love will always be with you.” The mother said.
The mother cradled the baby in her arms, Promising to protect her from all harm.
The baby now held calm
Today, a blessing brought together a family in our state of Tennessee.

Age 23-64

First Place
Seasons of Life
Terry Weaver, Duck River EMC

A drowsy perfect October afternoon.
He walks harvested fields…

Seeds planted in his springtime, Seeds of faith and character, Flourish.
And are saved to replant In younger fields,
Then saved and replanted Yet again.

Nurtured through summer heat With loving, leathered hands Watered through storms And gentle rains,
The sweat of his brow And often,
His reaping bountiful and blessed.

The fields are empty now, But gleanings abound.

Approaching evening nudges him Homeward.
Warmth of sun waning, Shadows lengthening …
Tomorrow frost will gently Quilt the morning.

A contented smile, For he knows winter Brings naught to fear.

Age 65 and older

First Place
Creatures Know
Kristie Beavers, Duck River EMC

Dragonflies hover, dart one way then the other, float over meadows and shining lakes, like an invisible hand stirred them awake!
Blue-tail lizards scurry over stones, escaping poured water in their flower pot homes.
Wasps seek safety in siding cracks, mounding upon each other’s backs.
Small yellow finches devour seeds from proud sunflowers, now dried up weeds.
While I sit and ponder changes in the weather, farmers gather their harvests together.
Creatures all know summer must end, but after one season another begins.


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