Friday, July 3

Knowledge Is Power

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Kevin Murphy, President, Southwest Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation

Grab your No. 2 pencils, Expo markers and three-ring binders. Gather your supplies, pack your lunch and watch for the bus because it’s back-to-school time.

Education is critical to our local communities. Few things have greater impact on our region’s economic success and long-term prosperity than education. It builds knowledge, skills and, ultimately, opportunity.

As students return to the classroom this year, they will not be alone.

Hundreds of teachers, counselors and administrators will be there as well. Teachers play an important role in our communities — educating students, providing counsel and guidance and nurturing young people into tomorrow’s leaders. Their work has a lasting impact on the success of their students and our communities. Tennessee’s electric cooperatives salute these educators for the essential services they provide.

In addition to students and teachers, it may surprise you that your local electric co-op will be returning to the classrooms as well.

Each year, our cooperatives provide schools and community groups with various educational programs. They participate in career fairs, conduct safety demonstrations and send counselors for 4-H Electric Camp.

We believe that empowering, encouraging and supporting young people will lead to a bright future for the communities we serve.

Tennessee’s electric cooperatives take seriously our mission to improve everyday life in the communities we serve. We do this through the delivery of affordable and reliable energy, but we also fulfill this mission by investing in the future leaders of our community.

One example of this is the Washington Youth Tour. In June, the state’s cooperatives sent a large group of high school students to our nation’s capital to learn about government, history and public policy. You can read more about this year’s trip in your Co-op News section beginning on page 20.

We provide these programs because we believe that empowering, encouraging and supporting young people will lead to a bright future for the communities we serve.

I challenge other local businesses to get involved in our schools. Whether it is volunteering to read a book to a kindergarten class or supporting a career fair or sports team, it will be time and money well spent.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest,” and the young people in our communities are a worthy investment.


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