Saturday, May 8

Letters to the Editor

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Poet’s Playground Correction

In the February edition of Poet’s Playground, Anna Krog’s poem was printed in the wrong age bracket. Her poem, “The Two Year Old’s Cookie Jar,” tied for first place in the 9-13 group. First-place winner in the 19-22 bracket should have been Emory Larson.

Her winning entry follows.

Fawn Left in Snow

There is a deer in the snow. My grandfather is beside me, breath like tendrils of smoke. But it’s only frosted breath, crystallized air, once warm, alive.
The deer reflects this action, breathing just as he does, outlined by evergreen, covered by stark white.
More snowflakes fall, swoon and melt upon contact with fur, with skin.
A single step forward, a human footprint (bare), covering what once was hoof.
A huff and she is gone, leaving only tracks in the quickly falling drift.
I am alone in winter.

— Emory Larson

Focus on Health (February 2018)

Awesome job in The Tennessee Magazine ! I always read it front to back!

— Jeri Harris Henderson, Southwest EMC

I just wanted to thank you for the article “Feeding the Good Wolf” in the February issue. I have shared it with family members. Thanks!

— Janice Baker Winchester, Duck River EMC

Youth Tour Winner from Back in the Day

I was statewide winner of the Washington Youth Tour essay contest in 1984, and my essay was printed in the magazine. I would like to have that copy. Or, how do I find the archives?

— Krory Smith Middle Tennessee EMC

Editor’s Note: We found it in our archives and will send you a copy.

‘Life in Slavery’

Bill Carey’s article “Life in Slavery” was compelling and motivated me to learn more about Ophelia Settle Egypt beyond her work with the slave narratives.

According to the information I found online, she was a progressive and innovative social worker who worked tirelessly to give women and men more control over their economic condition. For a period of time, Egypt conducted research for James Weldon Johnson, the famous American author, educator, lawyer, diplomat, songwriter and civil rights activist with connections to Fisk University.

Thank you for your meaningful and timely articles.

— Terry Taylor Lebanon, Middle Tennessee EMC


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