Saturday, December 4

Letters to the Editor

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Saving recipes

Would your magazine please not put in any contest form that has to be cut out of the Middle Tennessee EMC magazine? Not everyone has a computer, smartphone or copier to copy the recipe or the mail-in contest form. I love to save the recipe pages, the antiques page, artist page and some articles like the Home Energy Q&A page.

If you could put forms on advertising pages that don’t get saved, it would be wonderful. Thank you for a great magazine.

Kathyleen Collins
Middle Tennessee EMC

Editor’s note: We understand. It is difficult to locate forms where other important information won’t also be cut out. We will be glad to send you new copies of the last few months’ issues where the Lodge sweepstakes form was on the back of the food feature.

Well-dressed lineman

I truly appreciate your article, “The Well-Dressed Lineman” (May 2017). I personally learned about all the protective clothing and gear these people wear on the job from my son. He is an electrical lineman in southeast Iowa. I send my thanks to all the crews who work so hard to keep our lights on — especially on weekends, holidays and in inclement weather. May God bless every one of the people working in the wires.

Ramona Nahorny

Magazine submissions

How can you submit pictures to the magazine?

Doris Sparks
Middle Tennessee EMC

Hello. My name is Krystal. I am an amateur photographer, and I have recently taken wildlife photos. I would like to see if you are interested in putting them in your magazine.

Thank you so much for your time.

Krystal Doumitt

Editor’s note: In general, we only run photographs that correspond to features we have in the magazine, but we hold Shutterbug Photography Contests twice a year. See page 18 for our latest call for entries, and keep an eye on our website,, for future opportunities to submit your work.

Lost subscriptions

I would love to begin receiving this magazine again! I used to receive it when I lived in West Tennessee and really enjoyed it. I have been a member of Duck River Electric Membership Corporation since 2011. Let me know how to subscribe, please.

Diane Houghtaling
Duck River EMC

How do you get on the mailing list for The Tennessee Magazine? Thank you!

Beverly Wallace
Cumberland EMC

Editor’s note: Our subscription lists are handled at each local electric cooperative. As members of DREMC and CEMC, you should be receiving monthly copies. On occasion, changes in databases either at your co-op or the U.S. Postal Service can result in addresses being accidentally deleted from the magazine list. We will be in touch. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Finding the flag

It is my opinion, after being a subscriber for years to this magazine, that the hidden tristar emblem has become too obvious and easy. I miss the days when it was a little challenge each month, but now it has become too easy and not as enjoyable. Please make them a little more challenging!

Frances Minton
Appalachian EC

Editor’s note: We wrestle with the difficulty of our “Find the Flag” contest each month, trying to provide challenging hunts in addition to flags that are easier to find. In fact, we received quite a response from upset readers claiming we were “unfair” in hiding the December 2016 flag (found at the bottom of page 3). Perhaps you’ve strengthened your skills in your years of searching. Please continue your hunts!

Corrections and clarifications

Thank you for your consideration in printing a corrected picture of Dr. K.T. Hutchinson.

My family and I cannot express to the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association how very appreciative we are that they established the Dr. K.T. Hutchinson Award. To be recognized for taking risks to improve communities is such an honor and one that should challenge us all. My father, Dr. Hutchinson’s middle son, Charles, loved and admired his father, and I appreciate being reminded of his legacy.

We humbly thank you.

Mary Hutchinson Thorpe

Editor’s note: After hours of searching for a photo of K.T. Hutchinson for our January article “History with a Purpose,” all we were able to find was a single photograph that, as it turns out, incorrectly identified Dr. Hutchinson. We appreciate your sending us a photograph of him. We will keep it in the archives.

Alvin York was from Fentress County, born in Pall Mall.

Roy Standeford

Editor’s note: Thanks for catching that error for us. Sgt. Alvin York was, indeed, born in Fentress County and a member of the 82nd Infantry Division, not the 30th Infantry Division (Old Hickory Division) of the U.S. Army.


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Robin Conover has spent the last 33 years documenting the people and places of Tennessee with The Tennessee Magazine. After graduating from Murray State University, Robin began working for magazine in October 1988 as a communications specialist and photojournalist. She now serves as TECA vice president of communications and editor of The Tennessee Magazine. Her interest in preserving the environment and Tennessee’s beautiful natural areas has led her down many miles of trails to capture thousands of images. Robin is currently a board member of the Friends of Radnor Lake, a nonprofit in Nashville. Robin’s images can be seen in greeting cards, calendars, books and at a few fine-art shows she participates in each year.

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