Wednesday, October 20

Picking Cucumbers


June is bustin’ out all over with temperatures warm enough to make vegetable plants mature at a rapid pace. Between now and the first part of July, most local farmers markets will open for the season, and cucumbers — along with yellow squash, zucchini, early peas and potatoes — will be available in abundance.

When choosing cucumbers, feel free to ask your farmer which are suited to your purpose because certain varieties are best for pickling and others for eating fresh. Cucumbers vary greatly in size, too, but a good rule of thumb is that they’re still tasty as long as their skins have not begun to yellow.

Are you growing your own? Then watch our video above about the best way to remove cukes from the vine so that the plant will stay healthy and continue to produce. And remember to visit or use the “PickTN” mobile app to find local farmers markets.


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