Sunday, October 20

Shutterbug Showcase

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Adult and Junior winners of our ‘Weather’ Photography Contest

Our readers have done it again. The Tennessee Magazine’s latest Shutterbug Photography Contest, “Weather,” yielded strong entries depicting the beautiful, mysterious, inviting and even — no doubt influenced by a downright bitter winter — frigid nature of weather in Tennessee

Again, we wanted our Shutterbugs to have plenty of free reign to let their imaginations and creativity run wild, so we stuck with a broad theme to give readers room to fully express themselves. We certainly experience a wide array of weather examples in Tennessee, and hundreds of entries captured frozen farm equipment, creeping fog, ominous clouds, inspirational sunrises and a number of other beautiful examples of the weather we encounter in exploring and simply enjoying our Volunteer State

Thanks to everyone who submitted images.


Junior Winners

Honorable Mentions

Junior Honorable Mentions


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