Sunday, April 11

Tomatillo Time

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A tasty green fruit perfect for flavoring salsas and soups

There was a time when the occasional tomatillo found on local produce stands was met with a “what do I do with it?” frown. But now, they are grown all over the state and are plentiful favorites at farm markets everywhere. Maybe you still aren’t sure how to use them. If so, these recipes will get you started. They are distant cousins of tomatoes, and with one taste, you’ll find plenty of reasons to “go green!”

August recipes

Pick Tennessee Products is a promotion of the Tennessee Department of Agriculture developed to help consumers recognize and choose foods grown or processed in Tennessee. As Pick Tennessee Products spokesperson, Tammy Algood develops recipes featuring Tennessee food products. To learn more about Tennessee food products and to find more recipes, go to the Tennessee Department of Agriculture Market Development website at or contact Algood at 615-837-5160 or



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Tammy Algood develops for The Tennessee Magazine recipes that feature farm-fresh Tennessee food. Those fresh, local ingredients will always add cleaner, more flavorful foods to your table. We recommend visiting local farms and farmers markets to find the freshest seasonal produce. For more information about our recipes, contact Algood at

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