Sunday, April 11

Savory Sausage

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There are few meats as versatile and economical as sausage. It fortifies us at breakfast, recharges us at lunch and warms us on chilly evenings. There are numerous varieties and flavors to choose from — Italian, bratwurst or chorizo, to name a few. Whether you purchase it in bulk or in links or select those that are hot or mild, you’ll find sausage has a place on your table. Put this fuss-free meat to work in your new year with these flavor-packed recipes.

Perhaps you’ve seen lower-fat sausage options at the supermarket and wondered if they would be worthy substitutions for pork in recipes. I have experimented with several types of chicken and turkey sausages and actually like them both. These are not only lower in fat but also lower in calories than pork sausage. It pays to read the labels, however, because the sodium content can be close to the same. From an economic standpoint, the turkey and chicken substitutions can be higher in cost, depending on the brand.

Bulk sausage tends to cost less than links. When you run across store specials, stock up because it freezes well but should be used within a couple of months for optimum quality. Cooked leftovers of any type should be used within three days.

January Recipes

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