Tuesday, July 7

Gifts from the Garden

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Plan ahead to give your bounty for the holidays

’Tis the season to use fresh ingredients and common kitchen staples to create great gifts for the holidays to come. Those who receive these treasures won’t be the only jolly ones; invest time in the kitchen now, and you’ll have more time for family and friends later. When these delicious gifts are used, those who receive them will know they are loved every month — not just during the holidays.

Note: Some recipes involve canning and will instruct you to remove air bubbles. To do this, run a bubble wand or knife down the sides of the jar to release air pockets that form just by the act of filling the jar. Ensuring air bubbles are removed will improve the likelihood you achieve a good seal.

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Tammy Algood

Tammy Algood develops for The Tennessee Magazine recipes that feature farm-fresh Tennessee food. Those fresh, local ingredients will always add cleaner, more flavorful foods to your table. We recommend visiting local farms and farmers markets to find the freshest seasonal produce. For more information about our recipes, contact Algood at talgood@tnelectric.org.

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